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Published Nov 05, 21
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Unlike mortgages, which can extend up to thirty years, you would not want to drag on this particular kind of loan longer. Hard money always comes with interest rates that are much higher than the traditional lenders charge. Choosing to stretch out your payments to a hard money lender would mean losing more money.

Remember, not every situation is ideal and sometimes you’ll be placed in one where you need access to quick cash no matter the cost. Hard money has its uses for borrowers who cannot access traditional funding. Here are some reasons why this type of money loan is an easy alternative: Speed of Delivery Because hard money lenders do not ask you to submit a host of paperwork such as income tax returns, income payslips, or bank statements, there are not as many details to review.

It is common that you will be borrowing from a single individual, and not a huge corporation, so there are no rigid, standard policies to satisfy. High Approval Rating Since the most important criteria for this kind of loan is your collateral, the lender will be able to lend you as much as that collateral is worth.

You can even go so far as to use your personal home as collateral because it is still considered an asset that a lender can sell to get their money back should you default on your loan payments. Since hard money comes at such a steep price, be sure that you have the funds to repay your loan quickly.

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Be sure you are willing to make a calculated risk to ensure you don’t damage your financial standing. Remember that hard money is not the only option, but it is certainly the quickest. You have to work really hard to ensure that all your plans materialize, so you can make a profit and pay back the loan quickly.

Since the property is the only protection that lenders have against default, they require very low Loan-to-Value ratios (LTVs). If a standard mortgage company prices the property at around 80 percent or more, these hard money plans will only put in 50 to 70 percent of the property value. In addition, hard money lenders have more conservative methods because, of course, they want to be able to make a profit off your collateral property should things go awry.

The cost of using hard money is expensive so, if you have other means, explore those options. When you borrow hard money, you can end up with double the annual percentage rates (APRs) in interest and you might have to shoulder some origination fees. Remember, this type of loan has shorter terms because it is a quick fix for a temporary need.

If you intend to get into the house-flipping scene, you’ll need to network and connect with investors. Ask around to find out who in your area lends money based on collateral. Local real estate agents should be able to introduce you to an investor, or group of investors, who make hard money loans.

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Developing relationships will help you fund your future projects easily when the time comes.

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There is good money to be made in flipping houses, if you do it well, but there can be a financial barrier to getting started. Conventional mortgages were designed for long-term residences, which makes them ill-suited to investment property loans. As more investors entered the market to flip old properties, a new loan model was needed.

What are Fix and Flip Loans? Some investors use more conventional loans and lines of credit to finance their projects, but most fix and flip loans are hard money loans from individuals or private investors. Fix and flip loans are most often used to purchase residential properties at auction or foreclosure, to finance renovations and upgrades, and to cover other expenses associated with the ownership of the property.

That’s because the best option for both is often a hard money loan. As with flipping houses, new construction opportunities benefit from the flexibility and speed of hard money loans. Advantages of a Fix and Flip Loan It’s hard to overstate the advantages of a hard money fix and flip loan for investment properties.

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Traditional home loans can take a month to process and deliver, but hard money fix and flip loans can provide funds within the week. — Hard money fix and flip loans from private investors are not tied to the same rigid structures, processes, and requirements as traditional banking institutions. Borrowers who don’t qualify for traditional loans can often still work with a hard money lender.



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